Today we live in a world which is constantly changing. Change has not only become an important factor in our lives but a habit. In this world, we not only change to live but we live because we can change. Learning has become part and parcel of everyone’s life. Education is not only restricted to the books and examinations but it is far more beyond that. Education according to current scenario means the holistic development of a human being. Education means empowering a generation for challenges of future.
Nowadays learning has become a pre-requisite for progress. Whatever we learn at the present period of time will be helpful to us today as well as it will also play a pivotal role in shaping our future. Learning changes our thinking perspectives, assist us to take crucial decisions, gives us the confidence to face problems of life and also reinforces us to create value for others.
In a nutshell, Learning of Today will take us to a brighter and a Better Tomorrow.


With knowledge, confidence, compassion and cheer, children must proceed to make the world a better place than they found it.
To be a learning mode all their lives.
To encourage children to think independently,
To be passionate about what they wish to do,
To value excellence.


The mission of The Radiant International School, having an exceptionally diverse population and a tradition of quality education, is to ensure that each student achieves optimal academic and personal potential by providing a safe and nurturing learning atmosphere, which builds a strong foundation for character development and lifelong learning; utilizing best educational practices to engage each student in a culturally rich and challenging curriculum; and fostering partnerships with families and the community.


The past can not be changed, but you can learn from it and use that knowledge to create a better tomorrow !

Top School

Lincoln is a public school that attracts the most talented students in a region via an application processes.

About School

One of the top priorities of our school is to create a positive atmosphere for both students & teachers.

Global Student

Lincoln School enrolls between 60-70 international students every year from many countries in the world.

Modern Canteen

We boast a modern refurbished self-service canteen to provide quality healthy food to our students.

Student Services

Student Services is the starting point for any questions students may have regarding courses of study.

Teaching Quality

Teacher quality is one of the four key pillars of the Lincoln’s students-first approach to school education

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