The extent of a child’s learning needs to be comprehensive. We need a curriculum in which creativity, innovativeness and development of the whole being mark the growth of learners in addition to learning in the cognitive domain. Development of co-scholastic aspects of the personality such as Life Skills, Attitudes and Values, participation and achievement in Co-Curricular activities as well as Health and Physical Education need to be considered. It is always desirable that while assigning grades in co-scholastic activities a team of two teachers including the class teacher should get together. A Record Keeping form has been given in Chapter . Assessement in co-scholastic areas needs to be done systematically and methodologically.

It May Include following Steps

  1. Identifying qualities.
  2. Specifying behaviors/indicators of the concerned area/skill
  3. Collection of evidence in respect of behavior/indicators through observation and other techniques.
  4. Recording of the evidences.
  5. Analysis of the recorded evidences.
  6. Reporting or awarding grades. The analysis of records raised as a result of periodic observation is done to validate the attainment of the quality resulting into growth in the co-scholastic areas. The grades and descriptive indicators are assigned on the basis of the degree of attainment of a particular skill/behavior outcome.